Justin Waller Age: Early Life, Edu, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & Many

Justin Waller Age: Early Life, Edu, Career, Personal Life & Many

Justin Waller Age


Justin Waller, alias J Waller, emerges as a self-made millionaire entrepreneur and investor, making notable waves in the online realm in recent times. His ethos revolves around the potency of hard work and self-sufficiency, garnering substantial traction among young men aspiring for financial prosperity and autonomy. This narrative embarks on a comprehensive exploration of Justin’s trajectory, dissecting his narrative, financial standing, wealth origins, and the underlying allure drawing Andrew Tate’s followers towards his entrepreneurial sagacity.

What is Justin Waller’s Age?

While Justin Waller’s exact birthdate remains elusive, public records suggest Justin Waller Age, was born in 1986 in the state of Mississippi, USA. As of 2024, he will turn 38 years old. However, his zodiac sign and specific birthdate remain undisclosed due to limited available information. At the university, he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in construction management, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence and professional development.

Who is Justin Waller?

Justin Waller, born in 1974 in Louisiana, epitomizes resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial acumen in his journey to success. Emerging from modest beginnings, Waller navigated a landscape rife with challenges and prospects, ultimately establishing his presence in the cutthroat realm of business. His upbringing imbued him with a robust work ethic and an unwavering belief in the efficacy of diligence and perseverance, qualities that underpin his triumphs as an entrepreneur.

Justin Waller Wikipedia:

Real Name/Full NameJustin Waller
Nick NameJWaller
Justin Waller BirthdayNovember 6, 1986
Justin Waller Age38 years old
Birth PlaceMonroe, Louisiana, USA
Parents NameFather – NAMother – NA
Height5 feet 10 inches (177 cm)
Weight78 kg (171 lbs)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
SiblingsTwo Brothers
Justin Waller EthnicityWhite
Justin Waller ReligionChristian
Justin Waller GirlfriendNA
Marital StatusNA
Justin Waller Wife’s NameNA
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Project Manager
Justin Waller’s Net Worth$10-20 million

Early Life of Justin Waller:

Justin Waller was born on November 6, 1986, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, to his parents, although he hasn’t divulged much about his family or siblings. However, research indicates that his mother’s name is Julie Waller. In a poignant YouTube video, Justin’s mother bravely disclosed her battle with cancer for the second time, adding a personal and emotional layer to their family’s story. This candid moment likely underscores the challenges faced by Justin and his family, prompting reflection and resilience amidst adversity.

Justin Waller’s Educational Qualifications:

He attended Denham Springs High School, where he completed his secondary education. Subsequently, from 2005 to 2009, Justin enrolled at the University of Louisiana, where he obtained a Bachelor of Business and Science degree in construction management. This educational background underscores his commitment to acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for success in his chosen field.

Justin Waller’s Height, Weight, & Fashion:

Height5 feet 10 inches
WeightApproximately 78 kg
PersonalityDashing, talented, smart, pleasing
Facial ExpressionCharming face with a cute smile
Fashion StyleTrendy clothes

Justin Waller possesses an attractive physical appearance, standing tall at 5 feet and 10 inches with a weight of approximately 78 kg. His captivating features include beautiful eyes and hair, complementing his charming face and endearing smile. Beyond his looks, Justin exudes an impressive personality, characterized by attributes such as dashiness, talent, intelligence, and affability. His penchant for wearing trendy attire further enhances his overall appeal, making him a compelling presence in any setting.

Justin Waller Parents & Siblings:

Consequently, the identities of his father and mother remain elusive. Justin’s belief in the Christian religion is evident, and he identifies with a mixed ethnicity. The specifics of his family background remain shrouded in mystery, underscoring his preference for privacy regarding personal matters.

Justin Waller Career:

Justin has amassed a wealth of experience spanning the construction and retail sectors throughout his career journey. Starting as a construction laborer at Phil Cawthon, he transitioned to roles such as sales agent at Harbor Freight Tools and traffic controller at Austin Bridge and Road. Currently serving as a construction manager at RedIron Construction, Justin has showcased exceptional leadership and project management skills. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident as he also owns RedIron Construction, driving its expansion and success. With expertise in project management, cost estimation, and strategic planning, Justin ensures the smooth execution of ongoing projects.

Personal Life

Individuals involved in finance and entrepreneurship often possess compelling narratives that serve as valuable lessons in success, perseverance, and personal development. Among these figures is Justin Waller, renowned for his innovative spirit, unwavering resilience, and strategic acumen. His life story mirrors a contemporary saga, intertwining elements of family, business ventures, and astute investment decisions to inspire others on their own paths to achievement.

Justin Waller Wife:

Deliberately choosing not to divulge details about his relationships or family, he has refrained from sharing information about his marital status, spouse, or children. Consequently, there is a lack of clarity surrounding whether he is single, in a committed relationship, or married. This intentional secrecy adds an air of mystery to his personal affairs, allowing him to maintain a focus on his professional endeavors without external distractions.

Professional Success and Achievements:

Spanning from groundbreaking initiatives to industry recognition, he has consistently demonstrated his prowess and capability. His impactful contributions have not only propelled his own career but have also made a lasting impression on the entire sector.

Success of RedIron Construction Company:

The triumph of RedIron Construction stands as a testament to Justin Waller’s entrepreneurial foresight and unwavering resolve. Originating as a humble startup comprising merely three employees and a pickup truck, it has burgeoned into a flourishing enterprise renowned for its excellence within the construction realm. With a specialization in metal buildings and diverse construction ventures, RedIron Construction has garnered a reputation synonymous with quality, dependability, and inventive solutions. Guided by Waller’s leadership, the company has persistently broadened its scope of operations and fortified its standing as a frontrunner in the market.

Luxury Real Estate Ventures:

Apart from achieving prosperity in the construction sector, Justin Waller has strategically ventured into luxury real estate investments. With ownership of numerous upscale properties in both Baton Rouge and Miami, Waller has effectively diversified his investment portfolio and seized opportunities within the thriving real estate market. His adeptness in recognizing profitable prospects and his readiness to undertake calculated risks have empowered him to amass a substantial portfolio of high-end properties, thereby augmenting his net worth and ensuring financial stability.

Future Goals of Justin Waller:

As he gazes into the future, Justin Waller steadfastly upholds his dedication to innovation and advancement within the construction industry. With a steadfast focus on harnessing state-of-the-art technology and integrating cutting-edge methodologies, his primary objective is to propel the triumph of RedIron Construction to greater heights and establish it as a paramount leader on a global scale. Furthermore, Waller’s commitment to excellence transcends his personal endeavors, as he enthusiastically imparts his wealth of knowledge and expertise to motivate and empower fellow members of the business community.

Source of Income and Business:

Justin Waller’s prominence stems from his leadership role within RedIron, the construction firm under his stewardship. His evident success in entrepreneurial pursuits underscores the significance of RedIron within his corporate portfolio. Operating within the building industry, Waller’s primary focus revolves around overseeing the operations of RedIron Construction, a cornerstone of his commercial endeavors. Often recognized by his moniker, JWaller, he has accumulated wealth through various business ventures, with ownership of RedIron Construction being a significant component. While the specifics of his financial journey remain private, it’s common for accomplished entrepreneurs like Justin to amass wealth through a combination of firm ownership, investments, and entrepreneurial ventures. Notably, Justin’s achievements within the construction domain, particularly through RedIron, are believed to have played a pivotal role in bolstering his financial standing.

Justin Waller Net Worth: 

Justin has accumulated a substantial net worth through diverse revenue streams, encompassing earnings from YouTube videos, real estate ventures, and sponsored promotions.

Estimated projections suggest that by 2024, his wealth will range between $10 and $20 million, affording him a lifestyle of opulence and contentment coveted by many. This financial abundance empowers Justin to explore fresh avenues for expansion and investment.

His adeptness at generating wealth through multiple channels serves as a guiding beacon for aspiring individuals aiming to adeptly diversify their income streams and achieve financial success.

Justin Waller Social Media Profiles:

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Justin Waller WebsiteClick Here
Justin Waller FacebookNot Found
Justin Waller InstagramClick Here
Justin Waller TwitterClick Here
Justin Waller YouTubeClick Here
Justin Waller Link dinClick Here

Some Lesser Known Facts About Justin Waller:

  • Justin Waller resides in the United States of America.
  • He adheres to the Christian faith.
  • Both his Instagram and Twitter accounts are verified, indicating his authenticity.
  • Justin possesses a passion for traveling and frequently explores various picturesque destinations around the globe.
  • He maintains two YouTube channels where he regularly shares his video content.

Frequently Asked Questions about Justin Waller:

How old is Justin Waller?

Justin Waller was born on November 6, 1986, making him 38 years old in 2024.

Where was Justin Waller born?

Justin Waller was born in Monroe, Louisiana, USA.

What is Justin Waller’s estimated net worth?

He net worth is estimated to be between $10 and $20 million as of 2024.

What does Justin Waller do for a living?

Justin Waller is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and project manager.

Is Justin Waller married?

He maintains privacy regarding his personal life, and details about his marital status are not publicly disclosed.

How did Justin Waller accumulate his wealth?

Justin Waller’s wealth primarily stems from his construction company, RedIron Construction, and investments in luxury real estate.

Where can I find Justin Waller on social media?

Justin Waller is active on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and has an official website.

What are some notable achievements of Justin Waller?

Justin Waller’s achievements include the success of RedIron Construction and his strategic investments in luxury real estate.


Justin Waller’s evolution from modest origins to becoming a self-made millionaire entrepreneur and investor is truly motivating. Driven by diligence, perseverance, and a pursuit of greatness, he has forged a thriving path in the construction sector while also broadening his financial portfolio with astute real estate ventures. Amidst personal hurdles and a penchant for privacy, Justin’s journey serves as a beacon of entrepreneurial insight and achievement. With a steadfast dedication to innovation and advancement, Justin Waller’s influence on the entrepreneurial landscape promises enduring significance for generations ahead.

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