Debby Clarke Belichick: Everything To Know About Bill Belichick Wife

Debby Clarke Belichick: Everything To Know Bill Belichick Wife

Debby Clarke Belichick is a prominent figure in the business world, recognized not only as the former spouse of Bill Belichick but also for her entrepreneurial ventures. She is the owner of The Art of Tile & Stone, a renowned tile store in Wellesley, as reported by The Boston Herald. Together with a friend, she launched the business, offering a comprehensive range of services from design to installation of new stone. Outside of her professional pursuits, Debby enjoys diverse interests such as traveling, reading, cooking, exploring new restaurants, and cherishing moments with her loved ones.

Who Is Debby Clarke Belichick?

She is a prominent American businesswoman, has made a name for herself beyond her association with Bill Belichick, the head coach and general manager of the New England Patriots. At 68 years old, she stands as the owner of The Art of Tile & Stone, a thriving tile store located in Wellesley, as noted by The Boston Herald. Alongside a close friend, Debby spearheaded the launch of this establishment, which specializes in offering comprehensive services ranging from design to the installation of new stone materials. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to quality have solidified her reputation in both business and community circles.

Debby Clarke Belichick Biography

Debby Clarke, born in 1955 in Nashville, USA, has largely kept her early life private. Her relationship with Bill Belichick began during their time at Annapolis High School, evolving into a serious commitment as Bill embarked on his coaching career. Starting as a deputy coach for the Baltimore Colts, Bill’s talent propelled him to positions of greater responsibility, including with the Detroit Lions and later the Denver Broncos, with Debby faithfully supporting him throughout. However, their marriage faced challenges when reports emerged of Bill’s infidelity with a receptionist, allegedly resulting in the purchase of an expensive house for her. Despite efforts to reconcile, their marriage ended in divorce in 2006, though news of their separation became public in 2005. Bill has since moved on, currently in a relationship with Linda Holliday.

Profiles Summary 

Full NameDebby Clarke Belichick
Year of Birth1955
Age68 years in 2023
Place of BirthNashville, Tennessee, United States
Current ResidenceMassachusetts, United States
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandNew England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick
ChildrenThree, including daughter Amanda and sons Stephen and Brian
Known forBeing the ex-wife of NFL coach Bill Belichick

How Old Is Debby Clarke Belichick?

Debby Clarke, aged 68, was born in 1955 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, though she has maintained a level of privacy regarding her exact birth date despite her public profile. Consequently, details about when Debby celebrates her birthday remain undisclosed, adding an air of mystery to her personal life.

Debby Clarke Belichick Education

After attending a local high school and earning her diploma, Debby pursued higher education at Wesleyan University. It was during her time there that she crossed paths with her future ex-husband, Bill Belichick, who was actively involved in college football. Their connection deepened as they grew closer, eventually sparking a romantic relationship that endured beyond their college years.

Body Measurements 

Height5 feet 5 inches1.65 meters or 165 centimeters
Weight127 lbs58 kilograms
Hair ColorBlondeN/A (Assumed same in both units)
Eye ColorBlackN/A (Assumed same in both units)

Standing at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters or 165 centimeters), Debby Clarke possesses a slender frame, weighing approximately 58 kilograms, equivalent to 127 pounds. With her striking combination of blonde hair and deep black eyes, she carries herself with a distinct and elegant presence.

Debby Clarke Belichick Bill Belichick First Wife

Debby Clarke Belichick, the former wife of Bill Belichick, shared a lifelong journey with him since their teenage years, culminating in marriage in 1977. Together, they raised three children: two sons, Brian and Stephen, and a daughter, Amanda. However, their union faced challenges, particularly due to Bill’s alleged affair with Sharon Shenocca, a former New York Giants receptionist. Reports suggested lavish gifts and a multi-million-dollar townhouse purchase, which ultimately led to their divorce in 2006. Despite the public revelation of their separation in 2005, the Belichick family endured this tumultuous period.

Debby Clarke Belichick Children 

Debby and Bill Belichick raised three children together, all of whom followed in their father’s coaching footsteps. Their daughter, Amanda Belichick, born in 1985 in Weston, Massachusetts, serves as the head coach of the Holy Cross College Lacrosse team, building her career from an assistant coaching role at Ohio State to her current leadership position. She married Anthony Desantis in 2017. Stephen Belichick, their eldest son born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, in 1987, also embraced lacrosse, playing at The Rivers School and Rutgers University before joining the New England Patriots as the safeties coach. He wed Jennifer Schmitt in 2017 and they have a daughter. Brian Belichick, the youngest, born in 1992, continued the lacrosse tradition, playing at Trinity College.

Debby Clarke Belichick Divorce 

The marriage between Debby and Bill Belichick, which seemed destined for longevity, faced a tragic turn in 2006 when news of their divorce surfaced. Initially kept private, it was later revealed by the Patriots that their separation occurred in 2004, allegedly due to Bill’s involvement in another relationship with Sharon Shenocca, a former New York Giants receptionist. Reports suggested lavish gifts and a substantial house purchase, ultimately leading to their divorce.

Where Is Debby Clarke Now? 

After her divorce, Debby embarked on a new entrepreneurial venture alongside her friend, Paige Yates. Together, they established The Art of Tile & Stone, a thriving tile store located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Since its inception, the store has garnered considerable attention both locally and online. Additionally, Debby is actively involved in philanthropy through the Bill Belichick Foundation, which she co-founded with her ex-husband. The foundation aims to support the less fortunate in Cleveland, Ohio, and Massachusetts by raising funds for various charitable causes.

Death Debby Clarke Belichick Controversy 

Despite rumors circulating on social media suggesting otherwise, Debby Clarke Belichick is very much alive. Contrary to her ex-husband’s high-profile career, Debby leads a private and low-key life, refraining from active engagement on social media platforms. While false reports of her demise have surfaced, it’s important to clarify that Debby remains in good health and continues to live her life with vitality and vigor.

Debby Clarke Belichick Favorite things 

She has a penchant for Hollywood talent, naming Jennifer Lawrence as her favorite actress and Leonardo DiCaprio as her preferred actor. Her fondness for the color white is reflected in her preferences, extending to her taste in Continental cuisine. When it comes to travel, Paris holds a special place in her heart as her favorite destination. In her leisure time, Debby indulges in her hobbies of traveling and shopping, finding joy and relaxation in exploring new places and discovering unique treasures.

Debby Clarke Belichick Net Worth

As of 2024, Debby Clarke Belichick’s net worth is approximated at $2 million, largely stemming from her prosperous business endeavors and astute investment decisions accumulated throughout her career.

Debby Clarke Belichick Instagram 

Debby Clarke Belichick, the former wife of Coach Bill Belichick, maintains a low profile on social media, abstaining from having official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. While she does not engage directly on these platforms, photos of her can occasionally be found on fan accounts dedicated to her ex-husband or their shared interests.

Interesting Facts 

  • Entrepreneurial Success: Debby Clarke Belichick co-founded The Art of Tile & Stone, a prominent tile store in Wellesley, Massachusetts, known for its offline and online popularity.
  • Charitable Work: Despite her divorce from NFL coach Bill Belichick, Debby remains active in philanthropy through the Bill Belichick Foundation, which she co-founded to aid the less fortunate in Cleveland, Ohio, and Massachusetts.
  • Private Life: Debby values her privacy and refrains from social media engagement, choosing to lead a low-key lifestyle unlike her high-profile ex-husband.
  • Family Ties: Debby and Bill share three children who have all pursued coaching careers, continuing the family tradition in sports.
  • Age and Birthplace: Born in 1955 in Nashville, Tennessee, Debby Clarke Belichick is currently 68 years old as of 2023.
  • Divorce: The couple’s marriage ended in 2006 following reports of Bill Belichick’s infidelity, particularly with Sharon Shenocca, a former New York Giants receptionist.
  • Business Ventures and Net Worth: Debby’s successful business ventures, including The Art of Tile & Stone, contribute to her estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2024, bolstered by shrewd investments over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Debby Clarke Belichick

Q: Who is Debby Clarke Belichick?

A: Debby Clarke Belichick is a prominent American businesswoman recognized for her ownership of The Arts of Tile & Stone and her former marriage to NFL coach Bill Belichick.

Q: What is Debby Clarke Belichick’s age?

A: Debby Clarke Belichick was born in 1955, making her 68 years old as of 2023.

Q: What is Debby Clarke Belichick’s net worth?

A: As of 2024, Debby Clarke Belichick’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, primarily derived from her successful business ventures and investments.

Q: Does Debby Clarke Belichick have children?

A: Yes, Debby Clarke Belichick shares three children with her ex-husband, Bill Belichick: two sons, Stephen and Brian, and a daughter, Amanda. All three have pursued careers in coaching.

Q: What is Debby Clarke Belichick’s profession?

A: Debby Clarke Belichick is an entrepreneur, notably known for her ownership of The Arts of Tile & Stone.

Q: Where does Debby Clarke Belichick currently reside?

A: Debby Clarke Belichick resides in Massachusetts, United States.

Q: Is Debby Clarke Belichick active on social media?

A: No, Debby Clarke Belichick is not active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, photos of her can be found on fan accounts.


Debby Clarke Belichick transcends her role as the ex-wife of NFL coach Bill Belichick, embodying a multifaceted identity as a accomplished businesswoman and philanthropist. Despite navigating personal challenges, notably a high-profile divorce, Debby has remained steadfast in her pursuit of success and giving back to society. Her entrepreneurial ventures, notably The Arts of Tile & Stone, have earned recognition, underscoring her business prowess. Furthermore, her dedication to philanthropy is evident through her involvement in the Bill Belichick Foundation, demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact in communities. Though she prefers a private lifestyle, Debby’s influence in both business and philanthropy is unmistakable.

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