John Rumpel’s Net Worth: Boi, Age, Career, Personal Life & Many

John Rumpel’s Net Worth: Boi, Age, Career, Personal Life & Many

Net Worth

$100 Million

On June 4th, 2023, tragedy struck as a Cessna passenger aircraft, owned by Florida businessman and notable MAGA donor John Rumpel, crashed in the Virginia Woods. The crash claimed the lives of John Rumpel, his family, who were also on board at the time of the accident. John Rumpel, born on August 13th, 1947, was 75 years old at the time of the crash.

John Rumpel’s Net Worth:

In 2024, John Rumpel boasts an estimated net worth of $100 million. Renowned as the proprietor of Encore Motors, a flourishing enterprise, Rumpel’s business is a lucrative venture, generating millions in revenue annually and significantly contributing to his overall wealth. Recognized for its luxury vehicles, exceptional service, and prestigious clientele, Encore Motors stands as a symbol of Rumpel’s entrepreneurial prowess. His financial achievements and business savvy have firmly established him as a prominent and respected figure within the business community.

John Rumpel Net Worth History:

Net Worth In 2024$100 Million
Net Worth In 2023$95 Million
Net Worth In 2022$90 Million
Net Worth In 2021$85 Million
Net Worth In 2020$80 Million
Income SourcesVictoria Landings, Ecore Motors, Real Estate

Who is John Rumpel?

John Rumpel, a Florida-based entrepreneur, manages multiple enterprises ranging from luxury car dealerships to assisted-living facilities and real estate investments. Notable for his significant contributions as a political donor, Rumpel actively supported Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. His life took a tragic turn in June 2023 when he survived a devastating plane crash that claimed the lives of his daughter, granddaughter, nanny, and pilot. Alongside his business ventures, Rumpel’s wife, Barbara, is known for her advocacy in gun rights and holds a prominent position as an executive in the NRA.

John Rumpel’s Biography:

John Rumpel stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial brilliance and strategic investment prowess in the contemporary business landscape. Hailing from Silicon Valley, Rumpel emerged as a visionary figure, adept at navigating the complexities of the industry and embracing fintech revolutions for sustainable growth. His journey from a tech enthusiast to a multi-billionaire underscores his profound understanding of cutting-edge technologies, market dynamics, and ethical investment strategies. Rumpel’s interest in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and renewable energy showcases his dedication to environmental sustainability. His diverse portfolio reflects a deep comprehension of emerging technologies, coupled with strategic insight. Beyond his business ventures, Rumpel’s philanthropic efforts address critical societal challenges, particularly in education and healthcare, cementing his legacy as a model of success in the modern digital economy, inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide.

John Rumpel Information Table:

NameJohn Rumpel
Height (approx.)in feet inches- 5ft 8inch
Weight (approx.)in kilogram- 70 kg
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourWhite
Date of Birth13 August 1947
Age75 years old
Birth PlaceNew York, USA
Zodiac sign/Sun signLeo
Educational QualificationGraduate
Marital StatusMarried
ParentsMother: Joya Paterson
Husband/Wife/SpouseBarbara Rumpel
ChildrenAdina Azarian & Victoria
Net Worth$100 Million

John Rumpel Early Life:

John Rumpel entered the world on August 13, 1947, in New York, USA, as the son of Joya Paterson, a prominent figure who served as both a model and the president of S&S Industries, a company specializing in plastic product manufacturing and distribution. Despite being raised in a wealthy and privileged environment, Rumpel encountered significant challenges and tragedies throughout his life. At the tender age of 12, he was diagnosed with polio, a debilitating disease known for causing paralysis and muscle weakness. Enduring multiple surgeries and rigorous physical therapy sessions, Rumpel demonstrated remarkable resilience in his journey to overcome the illness. However, the hardships did not end there, as he experienced the profound loss of his mother to cancer in 2011, when she passed away at the age of 84.

John Rumpel Education:

John’s academic journey began in New York, where he excelled both academically and athletically in high school, particularly in mathematics and physics, while actively participating in football and baseball. His achievements earned him honors upon graduation and a scholarship to New York University (NYU), where he pursued dual degrees in engineering and business. Additionally, he enrolled in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program. After graduating in 1969, John joined the U.S. Air Force as a second lieutenant, serving for four years in locations such as Vietnam, Germany, and Florida, where he further developed his leadership skills and contributed to the Air Force’s mission.

John Rumpel Age, Height, & Weight: 

Height5 feet 8 inches
WeightApproximately 70 kilograms
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlack
GlassesWears glasses
AttireFormal suits and ties
AccessoriesWatches, rings
ScarLeft leg scar from polio surgery at age 12

Standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighing approximately 70 kilograms, John Rumpel possesses a distinctive appearance. With white hair and black eyes, he often complements his attire with formal suits and ties, accentuated by accessories such as watches and rings. Notably, John wears glasses and bears a scar on his left leg, a lasting reminder of the polio surgery he underwent at the age of 12.

John Rumpel Parents:

John Rumpel holds a strong sense of duty towards his parents. While his father’s identity remains undisclosed, his mother, Joya Paterson, played a significant role in his life. Unfortunately, John faced the loss of his mother in 2011, marking a poignant moment in his personal journey.

John Rumpel Career:

While John Rumpel’s educational background remains somewhat elusive, his professional trajectory highlights his extensive involvement across various industries. Notably, Rumpel is the driving force behind Victoria Landings, a business venture he manages alongside his daughters, reflecting a blend of familial bonds and shared entrepreneurial ambitions. Moreover, his ownership of Encore Motors of Melbourne and the Dolorenzo Group underscores his diverse portfolio and strategic business acumen. Rumpel’s keen engagement in real estate, particularly in Florida, further exemplifies his astute approach to wealth management and his active participation in lucrative markets.

John Rumpel Personal Life:

John and Barbara Rumpel have shared a bond that has endured over 45 years, weathering life’s challenges together. Their journey as a married couple and parents has been marked by strength and resilience, providing a solid foundation for their family. However, they have also experienced profound loss. In 1994, they tragically lost their daughter, Victoria, in a scuba diving accident at the age of 19. Despite this heartbreaking loss, Victoria’s memory continues to live on through initiatives like Victoria Handling, a testament to her spirit and enduring love for her family.

More recently, the Rumpels faced another devastating loss with the passing of their second daughter, Adina Azarian, in a tragic plane accident on June 4, 2023. The grief of losing a child is unimaginable, yet the Rumpels have demonstrated grace and resilience in coping with this profound loss.

Throughout these personal trials, Barbara Rumpel has remained steadfast in her commitments beyond the family realm. Actively involved in charitable causes, she plays a vital role in organizations such as the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum and the “Second Amendment Coalition for Trump-Pence,” channeling her passion into advocacy efforts.

John Rumpel Daughter:

Adina Azarian, aged 49, was not only John Rumpel’s adopted daughter but also a thriving force in her own right as a successful real estate broker based in East Hampton. Her vibrant personality and dedication to her craft endeared her to many in the local community.

Tragically, her promising journey came to an abrupt end on June 4, 2023, when she was involved in a fatal plane crash in Virginia. Alongside her, the crash claimed the lives of her 2-year-old daughter, Aria, her devoted nanny, Maria Rodriguez, and the skilled pilot, William Ramsey.

John Rumpel & Cessna Aircraft Crash

John Rumpel’s family, including his daughter, two-year-old grandchild, and their nanny, were aboard a plane flying from Tennessee to Long MacArthur Airport in New York when tragedy struck. The Cessna aircraft they were on crashed in the Virginia Woods on June 4, 2023, resulting in the loss of John Rumpel’s entire family. The incident occurred amid a dramatic aerial pursuit involving Pentagon jets, initiated when the Cessna entered restricted airspace over Washington DC with an unresponsive pilot. The pursuit caused a sonic boom audible across the Washington DC area as the Pentagon jets raced to intercept the out-of-control plane. Unfortunately, the Cessna pilot, who had lost consciousness during the chase, was unable to regain control, leading to the crash in the mountains of Washington National Forest, Virginia, at 3:30 pm on that fateful Sunday.


John Rumpel’s recognition as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year stands as a cornerstone of his legacy, shaping both his career path and personal journey. This prestigious honor reflects Rumpel’s exceptional leadership, creative brilliance, and notable financial accomplishments, particularly in his renowned wealth management firm, Rumpel Wealth Management. Beyond being a symbol of entrepreneurial triumph, this esteemed award highlights Rumpel’s steadfast commitment to nurturing a thriving and sustainable business environment.

Real Estate Properties:

Apart from his various businesses, John Rumpel holds ownership of numerous real estate holdings across Florida, North Carolina, and Long Island. His real estate portfolio encompasses a diverse range of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial assets. Additionally, Rumpel has established a trust to safeguard his real estate investments and mitigate tax liabilities. Public records reveal several of his properties, highlighting his strategic approach to wealth management and asset protection.

  • Acquired a 6,000-square-foot waterfront mansion in Melbourne, Florida, for $2.4 million in 2005.
  • Purchased a 4,000-square-foot penthouse apartment in East Hampton, Long Island, for $3.2 million in 2014.
  • Invested in a 3,000-square-foot lakefront cabin in Cashiers, North Carolina, for $1.5 million in 2016.
  • Acquired a 10,000-square-foot industrial warehouse in Melbourne, Florida, for $1.2 million in 2017.
  • Purchased a 5,000-square-foot office building in Melbourne, Florida, for $800,000 in 2018.

Source Of Income:

John Rumpel’s income streams are diversified, encompassing investments in AI and blockchain startups, renewable energy ventures, and real estate holdings. Additionally, his philanthropic contributions to education and healthcare sectors further contribute to his financial portfolio. Rumpel’s adeptness at blending traditional investment strategies with contemporary approaches underscores his comprehensive understanding of wealth accumulation techniques. This multifaceted approach demonstrates his ability to navigate both conventional and modern avenues for financial growth.

  • Real Estate Investments
  • Stock Market Portfolio
  • Technology Startups
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Consulting and Speaking Engagements

John Rumpel Social Media Profile:

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
John Rumpel FacebookClick Here
John Rumpel InstagramClick Here
John Rumpel LinkedinClick Here

Some Lesser Known Facts About John Rumpel:

  • John Rumpel, born on August 13, 1947, in New York, USA, is currently 75 years old. His mother’s name is Joya Paterson.
  • Rumpel is the proprietor of Victoria Landings, a business he operates alongside his daughters, named in honor of one of them. He also owns Encore Motors of Melbourne and the Dolorenzo Group.
  • Engaged in real estate ventures in Florida, Rumpel safeguards his real estate assets in a trust.
  • A political donor, Rumpel supported Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, contributing $250,000 in 2020, alongside his wife, Barbara.
  • Barbara Rumpel is a member of the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum in Florida and launched the Second Amendment Coalition for Trump-Pence, advocating for firearm rights.

FAQs about John Rumpel:

What is John Rumpel’s net worth?

John Rumpel’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million.

What businesses does John Rumpel own?

John Rumpel owns several companies, including a luxury car dealership, an assisted-living facility, and a real estate portfolio.

What was the cause of the plane crash involving John Rumpel’s family?

The tragic plane crash on June 4, 2023, involving John Rumpel’s family occurred when their Cessna aircraft crashed in the Virginia Woods. The crash claimed the lives of Rumpel, his family, and others onboard.

What philanthropic activities is John Rumpel involved in?

John Rumpel is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors, particularly in education and healthcare. He also donates to various causes and organizations.

What is John Rumpel’s educational background?

John Rumpel attended New York University, where he studied engineering and business and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1969.

What are John Rumpel’s investments outside of his businesses?

John Rumpel invests in various ventures, including AI and blockchain startups, renewable energy projects, and properties. He also engages in consulting and speaking engagements.


John Rumpel’s story embodies resilience, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. Despite personal hurdles, he has built a thriving business empire, serving as a source of inspiration for many. Rumpel’s unwavering commitment to both business and charitable endeavors showcases his dedication to making a meaningful difference in society. Even in the face of tragedies, such as the plane crash that tragically took the lives of his family members, Rumpel persists with grace and determination. His accomplishments and altruistic contributions leave a profound legacy of achievement and kindness.

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