Nivine Jay's Age: Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Personal Life & Many

Nivine Jay’s Age: Bio, Early Life, Career, Personal Life & Many

Nivine Jay’s Age

May 31, 1992

Los Angeles-based actress, model, and writer Nivine Jay has established herself in the entertainment sector. With her fascinating Instagram photos and entertaining TikTok content, she easily combines numerous creative jobs. She is recognized on IMDb for her parts in “Space Juice” (2021) and “The Donut Split” (2014). The novel “Cry Baby,” by Nivine, showcases her writing talents. In May 2021, her TikTok reveal about receiving a video message from actor Ben Affleck on the premium dating app “Raya” piqued attention in her life. Nivine Jay’s ability and charisma across artistic fields continue to attract viewers, making her an entertainment icon.

What Is Nivine Jay’s Age?

Nivine Jay, 31, was born in Houston, Texas, on May 31, 1992. Her Gemini sign represents intelligence, curiosity, and playfulness. Nivine’s dynamic upbringing was in Texas, a racially and culturally rich state. As a social butterfly, she follows the Gemini trait of exploring several passions and jobs. Nivine’s vibrant personality stems from her childhood in Houston. A Gemini at heart, she loves talking and is captivating in both her personal and professional life. Nivine Jay’s zodiac sign-inspired charm and excitement shine through her life’s many facets.

Who is Nivine Jay?

American Instagram sensation Nivine Jay, born May 31, 1992, has built a name for herself in social media and entertainment. Nivine’s acting career and relationship with comedian Jason Nash make her famous beyond her internet presence. She posts modeling and lifestyle photos on her self-titled Instagram feed, which has over 80,000 followers, to demonstrate her lively personality.

Nivine Jay discusses sports news on venues including The Sporting Tribune. Nivine gained fame in 2021 with a popular Instagram video. She wrote a gripping story about unmatching Ben Affleck on a dating service, which increased her internet presence. Nivine Jay is a versatile personality whose charisma and storytelling reverberate across platforms as we celebrate our favorite celebrities’ birthdays.

Nivine Jay Biography

On May 29, 1992, talented model and actress Nivine Jay was born in Los Angeles. She was drawn to modeling as a child in a Christian home. She graduated from a local private school before starting her job.

Nivine’s Lebanese father shaped her eclectic heritage. She keeps her parents’ identity private despite the public eye. Her family is devoted Christian, with her mother homemaking and her father succeeding in business.

Nivine lives with her two siblings, “Nour Petite” and “Mahmoud” in a close-knit household. Her sister models like Nivine, while her enterprising brother lends a unique touch to the family’s endeavors. This insight into Nivine Jay’s personal experience shows competence, authority, and reliability through transparency.


Real NameNavine Jay
ProfessionAmerican actress, Model, Author
Age31 years old [as of 2023]
Date of BirthMay 29, 1992,
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California
HometownLos Angeles, California
Zodiac SignGemini
Famous ForActing, TikTok Videos and Social Media

Early Life

Nivine Jay, born in May 1992, grew raised in Los Angeles. Despite her fame, she maintains mum about her personal life, especially her parents. She posted a touching photo of her family on Instagram, demonstrating their closeness. Nivine Jay, who lives in Los Angeles, keeps her schooling private. Her high school, university, and major have not been publicised. Her deliberate concealment lends mystique to her image, allowing her audience to focus on her intriguing profession and public presence.

Nivine Jay Education

Nivine Jay’s schooling, college, and university experiences are unknown. Her scholastic trajectory is unknown; she may have graduated from a local high school or entered the workforce early without attending college. Her educational background, including her schools and majors, is unknown, adding intrigue to her diverse career.

Nivine Jay Height, Weight & Body Measurements

WeightIn Kilograms: 52 kg/In Pounds: 114 lbs
HeightFeet Inches: 5′ 3″/Meters: 1.6 m
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorHazel
Shoe Size6 US.

Nivine Jay is 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall and weighs 52 kg. Her brown hair and appealing hazel eyes enhance her beauty. Nivine, a slim woman, exudes elegance and composure. She wears US size 6 shoes. Her height and weight are known, but her other measurements are unknown, adding to her mystery.

Parents & Sibling

Nivine Jay is from a Christian family and keeps her parents’ identity private. According to our research, Jay’s father is a successful entrepreneur, while her mother devotes herself to homemaking.

Nivine’s Instagram profile introduces her two siblings, “Nour Petite” and “Mahmoud”. Her sister models, following Nivine’s lead, while her entrepreneurial brother runs businesses. This information from reliable sources supports Nivine Jay’s transparency, competence, authority, and reliability.

Nivine Jay Career

Nivine Jay debuted in Rich Rotella’s 2014 film “The Donut Split,” becoming an experienced actress. She played Alice alongside Matt Ross, Jennifer Bond, Christopher Brian Nicolette, and others in this film. In the film, an attorney intervenes in the legal settlement between two former business partners, causing disastrous results.

After 2021, Alex Di Marco will direct Nivine in “Space Juice,” a comedy. Using Rehab Sam, Uncle Daddy dares to shoot new explicit content in a production studio to restore his standing. After an alien spaceship crashes on the set, the story takes a comic and sci-fi turn.

Beyond her acting career, Nivine Jay is active on Instagram and TikTok. She keeps her fans and followers engaged by sharing interesting photos and updates from her life, adding to her dynamic and diversified profession.

Nivine Jay Personal Life

Since 2021, Nivine Jay has been dating actor and comedian Jason Nash, who discovered her famous Ben Affleck video. The 31-year-old actress and 47-year-old comedian have a strong and profound connection despite their 15-year age gap. Their amusing moments show how their cheerful personalities complement each other.

Jason often includes Nivine in his YouTube and TikTok comedy videos to illustrate their closeness. In December 2022, Jason Nash excitedly announced their engagement, cementing their future together. This unlikely pairing indicates a deep and long relationship.

The future seems better as Nivine Jay balances a successful profession and a happy personal life. She gently accepted her unexpected popularity and is now poised to enjoy a happy and successful future, making the most of her famous status.

The Ben Affleck Video That Went Viral

Nivine Jay met Ben Affleck on Raya, a celebrity and influencer dating app, in early 2021. Affleck’s profile seemed false, so she unmatched him. Affleck surprised Nivine by posting a humorous Instagram video asking why she unmatched him on Raya. For fun, Nivine captioned the video on Instagram with “Sorry Ben.”

The video went viral and caught the attention of major entertainment news agencies. Some liked Affleck’s Instagram message, but others criticized him for contacting Nivine after her dating app rejection. Despite conflicting reactions, the viral incident gave Nivine Jay the public attention she wanted as an actor and influencer. In days, she gained over 50,000 Instagram followers. Nivine said she had no regrets about posting the video because it opened many new avenues in her profession.

Pursuing Her Passions

Ever since her viral video with Affleck, Nivine Jay has continued pursuing acting, modeling and writing – with far more doors now open to her.

Acting: From Bit Parts to Leading Roles

Nivine Jay has easily transitioned from lesser roles to supporting and major roles. In 2021, she played the female lead in the independent comedy “Space Juice,” demonstrating her comedic skills. Nivine was praised for her comedy and flexibility as an aspiring actor on a fantastical odyssey.

Nivine will play her biggest part soon. She will star in Blumhouse Productions’ “Taurus,” a TV thriller. This exciting project signals her career advancement to more significant and important entertainment industry responsibilities. As Nivine’s acting career evolves and diversifies, her future in cinema and television looks promising.

Modeling: Leveraging Social Media Fame

In tandem with her flourishing acting pursuits, Nivine Jay has undergone a remarkable expansion of her modeling career. Emerging as the face for various esteemed fashion and beauty brands, she adeptly leverages her significant social media following to promote an array of products. Among the notable brands Nivine collaborates with are FashionNova, Icon Swim, Yandy, Luli Fama Swimwear, Icon London NYC, alongside partnerships with distinguished skincare and cosmetics companies such as Cheri Beautiful and Infinity Sun.

On her Instagram platform, where she commands an impressive following of 290,000, Nivine curates a visually captivating feed that serves as a canvas for showcasing her modeling endeavors. Here, she effortlessly models an array of glamorous outfits and luxury products, demonstrating a notable evolution from her earlier experiences with small-scale modeling projects. Nivine’s journey in the world of modeling stands as a testament to her versatility and growing influence in the realms of fashion and beauty.

Writing: Sharing Her Story with the World

In addition to acting and modelling, Nivine Jay has shown her literary talent. In 2022, she published her autobiographical book “Cry Baby: The Five Stages of Grief After An Unexpected Breakup.” This touching book shows Nivine’s struggle after a difficult breakup.
Nivine expertly walks readers through sadness, denial, rage, bargaining, depression, and acceptance in her work. She reveals her own self in passionate words, unlike the attractive figure she portrays on social media. Readers love Nivine’s upfront honesty in “Cry Baby” for its sincerity and relatability.

Nivine Jay’s popular novel bodes well for her literary career. The raw passion and storytelling finesse in “Cry Baby” suggest she may write more, giving readers additional chances to connect with her voice and narrative style.

Professional Achievements

Nivine Jay is a success in the entertainment sector, capturing audiences with her various acting skills in films and TV shows. Her flawless blend of skill and charisma has gained critical acclaim and helped build a loyal and growing fan base.

Nivine’s entertainment accomplishments go beyond acting. Her writing and producing skills expand her creative repertoire. These projects demonstrate Nivine Jay’s ability to seamlessly transition between roles and contribute to the entertainment industry’s diverse tapestry, demonstrating her dedication to leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Nivine Jay Net Worth

Net Worth$1.5 Million

In addition to enhancing her reputation in the entertainment sector, Nivine Jay’s impressive career accomplishments have also provided her with a strong financial base for her next ventures. Her estimated net worth as of 2024 is a staggering $1.5 million, which is a testament to her persistent dedication and hard work ethic in the fast-paced entertainment industry.

Nivine has passionately pursued her profession while also maintaining her financial security as she has maneuvered through the complexities of the entertainment industry. This financial achievement highlights not only her creative achievements but also her astute handling of the commercial side of her profession. Nivine Jay has established herself as a strong force in the industry thanks to her ability to strike a balance between enthusiasm and pragmatism. This has paved the way for her future success and exploration.

Nivine Jay’s Social Media Presence

Engaging with her audience on Instagram under the handle “nivinejay,” Nivine Jay has a sizable following of over 81.3 thousand followers. She spends a large amount of time on Facebook and Instagram, where her social media activity is especially noticeable. Nivine is conspicuously absent from the Twittersphere, choosing instead to concentrate her social media efforts on the channels that most appeal to her followers. This approach enables her to create a more personalized and influential online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Nivine Jay:

What is the age of Nivine Jay?

As of 2023, Nivine Jay will be 31 years old, having been born on May 31, 1992.

For what is Nivine Jay well-known?

A well-known American actress, model, and writer is Nivine Jay. She became well-known after posting a TikTok video of actor Ben Affleck’s message on the dating app “Raya.”

What sign is Nivine Jay in the zodiac?

Gemini is Nivine Jay’s zodiac sign, which is representative of the intelligence, curiosity, and playfulness that Geminis are known for.

Nivine Jay was born where?

Nivine Jay was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 29, 1992.

Nivine Jay is engaged to whom?

In December 2022, Nivine Jay and comedian and actor Jason Nash confirmed their engagement.

What is the net worth of Nivine Jay?

With an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2024, Nivine Jay is a financially successful figure in the entertainment world.

What is the Instagram handle of Nivine Jay?

Under the moniker “nivinejay,” Nivine Jay posts about her life and activities on Instagram, gaining more than 81.3 thousand followers.


Nivine Jay, born in Los Angeles on May 29, 1992, is a multitalented individual. In addition to acting in “Space Juice” and “The Donut Split,” Nivine is a model, Instagram influencer, and author. Her book, “Cry Baby: The Five Stages of Grief After An Unexpected Breakup,” shows her compassionate side.

A TikTok post about Nivine’s “Raya.” date with Ben Affleck went viral. Her writing, acting, and modeling careers continue to flourish while engaged to comedian Jason Nash. Nivine’s $1.5 million net worth in 2024 shows her talent and drive. As “nivinejay,” she has over 81.3 thousand Instagram followers, demonstrating her social media popularity. Nivine Jay is a significant person in modern entertainment due to her skill, charisma, and entrepreneurial aptitude.

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