Mel Robbins Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Personal Life & Many 

Mel Robbins Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Personal Life & Many 

Melanie Robbins, born in Kansas City, Missouri, on October 6, 1968, and raised in North Muskegon, Michigan, has forged a dynamic career as a TV personality, lawyer, and motivational speaker. Her prominence grew through acclaimed coverage of the George Zimmerman trial on C.N.N. The pivotal moment in her life occurred with the release of her 2011 book, “Stop Saying You’re Fine: Discover a More Powerful You.” Focused on sharing lessons from her journey, Melanie Robbins continues to inspire audiences across various media platforms.

Mel Robbins Net Worth 2024

Mel Robbins’ net worth is subject to varying estimates from internet sources, making an accurate calculation challenging. While a hypothetical figure places it at $15 million, her actual net worth remains uncertain. Contributing factors to her financial standing include a YouTube channel with over 127 million views and ownership of a 26-acre dream residence in Southern Vermont. As of 2024, Mel Robbins’ net worth is projected at $17 million, showcasing the diverse sources of income and financial success she has achieved.

Who is Mel Robbins?

Mel Robbins has achieved significant career milestones as the most successful podcaster and bestselling author. Courageously, she made the pivotal decision to transition into life coaching, recognizing the need for a change. This bold move has utterly transformed her life, allowing her to confront and overcome fears while entering a new phase marked by a substantial increase in income. Mel Robbins’ narrative serves as a testament to her resilience and extraordinary success in navigating professional transitions.


Mel Robbins, a bestselling author, has made a significant impact with works like “The 5 Second Rule” and top Audible audiobooks. Over 500,000 students have enrolled in her online courses, focusing on confidence and courage. Her productivity planner, “The 5 Second Journal,” quickly sold out globally. As the CEO of a media and digital learning company, Mel is a sought-after motivational speaker, reaching audiences globally and partnering with Fortune 500 brands.

Launching “The Mel Robbins Show” in collaboration with Sony Pictures Television, Mel’s behavior change expertise has crossed language barriers, benefiting various sectors. Major organizations, including Starbucks and Microsoft, have embraced her ideas for organizational transformation. With a no-nonsense approach, Mel inspires 60 million monthly social media followers, residing in Southern Vermont with her family, embodying Midwestern values for authenticity and relatability.

Quick Information About Melanie Robbins:

Real Name/Full Name: Melanie Robbins
Age53 years old
Birth Date:6 October 1968
Birth PlaceKansas City, Missouri
Height1.6 m
Weight55 kg
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital Status:Married
Husband/Spouse (Name):Christopher Robbins(m. 1996)
Children/Kids(Son and Daughter)Yes (Oakley Robbins, Sawyer Laurel, Kendall Iris)
Dating/Boyfriend (Name)N/A
Is Mel Robbins Lesbian?No
ProfessionTelevision Host, Speaker
Salary$2191.78 per day
Net Worth in 2022:$15 million

Mel Robbins Early Life and Education:

Born on October 6, 1968, in Kansas City, Missouri, Melanie Robbins spent her formative years in North Muskegon and pursued her education at Dartmouth College. She achieved a major academic milestone by earning her J.D. from Boston College Law School in 1994.

The couple’s relationship flourished as they welcomed three children into their lives, fostering a happy family dynamic. Mel’s life is a harmonious balance of academic pursuits, professional work, and the joys of family life.

Mel Robbins Parents

Melanie Robbins seldom delves into discussions about her father, maintaining a level of privacy around that aspect of her family. Mel’s choice to keep certain family details under wraps reflects her commitment to maintaining a private and personal space in her public life.


Beyond CNN, she ventured into hosting with roles on The Mel Robbins Show, Monster In-Laws, and Someone’s Gotta Go.

In the literary realm, her 2011 book, “Stop Saying You’re Fine: Discover a More Powerful You,” made a significant impact. Her TEDx lecture on the “five-second rule” garnered over 31 million YouTube views by February 2023, launching her into the public speaking arena.

Her second book, “The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage,” released in 2017, swiftly became Audible’s top non-fiction title and Amazon’s sixth most-read book of 2017. Collaborating with Audible on projects like “Kick Ass with Mel Robbins” in 2018 and “Take Control of Your Life” in 2019 showcased her wisdom in diverse formats.

“The Mel Robbins Show” debuted on September 16, 2019, but low ratings led to its cancellation on January 29, 2020. Despite this, Mel Robbins’ influence in both the legal and media domains was affirmed with the 2014 Gracie Award for Outstanding Host–News/Non-fiction.

Mel Robbins Husband

Christopher serves as the Managing Director at The Confidence Project Inc., showcasing his expertise in his field. Their union originated from a meeting in 1994, culminating in a joyous marriage in 1996. Mel fondly remembers walking down the aisle with her father in the front yard of her childhood home—a moment that remains etched in their hearts. The marriage commenced with Chris’s radiant smile, symbolizing a union filled with love and unwavering support.

Mel Robbins Children

Christopher and Mel Robbins share a delightful household blessed with three children. The family consists of daughters Sawyer Laurel and Kendall Iris, along with son Oakley Robbins. Each member contributes their unique personality to the family dynamic, fostering a nurturing and supportive environment that cherishes the joys of parenthood and the bonds within the family.

Mel Robbins Podcast And Books

Mel Robbins ventured into podcasting in 2017, delving into profound and significant life topics. Her podcast serves as a platform to explore personal development and offer valuable insights.

In addition to her podcasting endeavors, Mel has authored several highly successful books, including titles like “Work It Out,” “Take Control of Your Life: How to Silence Fear and Win the Mental Game,” and “The 5 Second Rule.” These books stand as inspirational guides, providing readers with valuable perspectives on personal growth and strategies to overcome life’s obstacles.

Famous Books:

Some of the best books of Mel Robbins are:

  •         The 5 second rule
  •         The High 5 habit

Mel Robbins Car Collection

Born on October 6, 1968, in Kansas City, Missouri, the renowned American lawyer, television host, author, and motivational speaker Mel Robbins hails from North Muskegon, Michigan. Commencing her academic journey in 1986, she attended Dartmouth College. Her pursuit of a legal career led her to obtain a J.D. from Boston College Law School in 1994.

Mel Robbins gained widespread recognition for her notable coverage of the George Zimmerman trial on CNN, as well as her impactful TEDx lecture titled “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over.” Furthermore, her influential books, including “The 5 Second Rule” and “The High 5 Habit,” have solidified her status as a prominent figure. Additionally, Mel Robbins has curated various Audible podcast series, showcasing her influence across diverse platforms.

Mel Robbins Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Hyundai Tucson$30,550
GMC Yukon Denali$156,695
Toyota Prius$30,000

Mel Robbins Earning Through Social Media:

Mel Robbins leverages her substantial social media presence as an additional source of income. Engaging with her fan base across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, she boasts follower counts of 201K, 1.9 million, 1.4 million, and 1.9 million, respectively.

With a significant outreach to approximately 9.4 million social media followers, Mel commands a fee exceeding $80K per sponsored post, further contributing to her financial success.

Mel Robbins Social Presence:

Mel Robbins Instagram    
Mel Robbins Wikipedia
Mel Robbins YouTube
Mel Robbins LinkedIn

FAQs about Mel Robbins:

When was Mel Robbins born?

Mel Robbins was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on October 6, 1968.

How much is Mel Robbins worth in 2024?

Mel Robbins’ net worth is projected to be $17 million in 2024.

For what is Mel Robbins famous?

Mel Robbins is renowned as a television host, lawyer, and inspirational speaker. She gained fame for her book “The 5 Second Rule” and covered the George Zimmerman trial for CNN.

Is Mel Robbins married?

Yes, Mel Robbins is married to Christopher Robbins, and they have three children.

Mel Robbins’ education?

She is a Dartmouth College graduate who obtained her J.D. at Boston College Law School in 1994.

Mel Robbins’ podcast topic?

Mel Robbins’ podcast covers important life issues.

How many kids does Mel Robbins have?

She has three children named Sawyer Laurel, Kendall Iris, and Oakley Robbins.

Mel Robbins’ awards?

Mel Robbins received the 2014 Gracie Award for Outstanding News/Nonfiction Host.


Mel Robbins, born on October 6, 1968, is a multifaceted individual excelling as a television host, lawyer, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author. Her impactful books, “Stop Saying You’re Fine” and “The 5 Second Rule,” have left a profound mark on millions of lives.

In addition to her literary contributions, Mel is an active podcaster and the force behind “The Mel Robbins Show.”

Beyond her professional endeavors, Mel finds fulfillment in her marriage to Christopher Robbins and their three children, adding richness to her life beyond her successful career. Her significant presence on social media attests to her ability to engage with a broad audience. With a projected net worth of $17 million in 2024, Mel Robbins stands as a testament to her achievements in the realms of media, motivational speaking, and literature.

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