Elise Jordan: Early Life, Age, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & Many

Elise Jordan: Early Life, Age, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & Many

Elise Jordan, an American journalist, gained prominence as a political commentator on MSNBC. With a background in communication roles for the National Security Council and the White House Office of Presidential Speechwriting in Baghdad, her insights garnered a following of around 56,000 on Twitter. Born Catherine Elise Jordan in 1990 in New York to Kelly and Susan Boone Jordan, she grew up with her brother Russell. Known for her spirited nature as a child, Elise found joy in dance, idolizing Michael Jackson and Al Pacino. She pursued her passion for journalism, earning a degree from Yale University.

Who Is Elise Jordan?

Elise Jordan, a prominent American journalist, gained recognition as a Political Analyst on MSNBC. With a background that includes collaboration with political scientist Condoleezza Rice and roles as a former National Security Council speechwriter, she has made significant contributions to political discourse. Jordan’s expertise extends to her tenure as a communications director within the National Security Council and as a speechwriter at the US Embassy in Baghdad, showcasing her deep understanding of international affairs and diplomacy.

Elise Jordan Biography

Born on June 22, 1990, in New York, Elise Jordan is an accomplished American journalist with a diverse background. Raised by Susan Boone Jordan and Kelly Jordan, she shares her childhood with her brother, Russell Jordan. Graduating from Yale University in 2004, Elise embarked on a dynamic career path, excelling as a journalist, writer, and political commentator. Notably, she served as the Director of Communication in the National Security Council and honed her skills as a speechwriter for Condoleezza Rice. Currently, Elise is recognized as a Political Analyst for MSNBC and a contributor to Time magazine. Alongside figures like Diana Zoga and Rita Cosby, she stands as a prominent voice in today’s journalism landscape. 

Personal Information

Full NameElise Jordan
CitizenshipUnited States of America
Age28 years
D.O.BJune 22, 1990
Birth PlaceHolly Springs, Mississippi, United States
ParentsSusan Boone Jordan (Mother), Kelly Jordan (Father)
SiblingsRussell Jordan
Height1.85m (6 feet 1 inch)
Marital StatusMarried
EducationYale University

Elise Jordan Early Life & Education

Catherine Elise Jordan, born on June 22, 1990, hails from Holly Springs, Mississippi, where she was raised by her parents Kelly and Susan Boone Jordan alongside her brother Russell Jordan. Their close bond shaped their upbringing. Elise, of white ethnicity and American nationality, pursued her education at Yale University, graduating in 2004. With a lifelong passion for media and journalism, it’s presumed she earned a degree in journalism and communication, setting the stage for her successful career in the field.

How Old Is Elise Jordan?

Elise Jordan, born on September 24, 1990, hails from Holly Springs, Mississippi, USA. At 33 years old, her birthplace in the heart of America’s South has likely influenced her perspective and approach to journalism and commentary.

Body Measurements

Height6 feet 1 inch (1.85m)
Weight75 kg
Measurements32,  28,  32 
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Elsie possesses not just beauty but also an aura of excellence that defines her. Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch, her stature commands attention. With a weight of 75 kg, she maintains a balanced physique. Her measurements, reportedly 32-28-32 inches for bust, waist, and hips, highlight her proportional figure. Sporting blonde locks and captivating blue eyes, she embodies both grace and allure.

Elise Jordan Parents & Siblings

Born and raised in Holly Springs, Elise was brought up by her parents, Kelly and Susan Boone Jordan, alongside her brother, Russell Jordan. She pursued her education at Yale University, graduating with a degree in Journalism in 2004. Currently, she finds joy in her marital bliss with her husband, Mike Hogan, cherishing each moment together.

Elise Jordan Career

Elise Jordan is a prominent American political commentator and journalist with a diverse career. Having served as a speechwriter for the United States Department of State and a political analyst for NBC News, she has made significant contributions to media discourse. Her insights have been sought after by various platforms, including CNN, where she frequently appears as a political analyst. Jordan’s editorial prowess extends to her role as a contributing editor at Time magazine and The Daily Beast, among others. She made her television debut in 2011 and has since appeared on notable shows like Hannity and Real Time with Bill Maher. Transitioning from a conservative environment, she found a new space to challenge her ideas upon joining NBC News and MSNBC in 2016, where she engages in discussions reflecting a range of political perspectives.

Elise Jordan Personal Life

Elise Jordan’s late husband, Michael Hastings, was an esteemed American journalist. Their paths likely crossed during their shared profession, possibly meeting during a journalism field trip. Both deeply immersed in the world of media, their connection blossomed within the context of their work.

Death Of Elise Jordan First Husband 

Tragically, just two years into their marriage, Elise Jordan faced the devastating loss of her husband, Michael Hastings. The couple, who exchanged vows on May 21, 2011, had been leading a tranquil life, devoid of any extramarital controversies or rumors prior to his untimely passing. Their union was characterized by mutual respect and a shared commitment to their relationship, making the sudden loss all the more profound.

Aftermath Of Husband Death

Despite the profound grief of losing her husband, Elise Jordan has shown resilience in the face of tragedy. While grappling with the loss, she has embraced the journey of healing, demonstrating a determination to reclaim joy in her life. Elise is prioritizing self-care and taking the necessary time to navigate through her grief, recognizing the importance of tending to her emotional well-being. Though the pain of her husband’s passing lingers, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of happiness and restoration.

Elise Jordan Current Partner

Following nearly three years of navigating life as a widow, Elise Jordan found solace in the comforting presence of Mike Hogan. Their union, sealed in September 2017, marked a new chapter of love and companionship for Elise. Mike, a respected figure in media circles, serves as Vanity Fair magazine’s producer and senior editor, bringing a wealth of experience to their partnership. Together, they embrace the journey ahead, finding strength and support in each other’s company.

Elise Jordan Controversies 

Elise Jordan’s tenure as a political analyst has not been without its controversies, a reality often inherent in the role of offering candid commentary on American politics. Throughout her career, she has voiced opinions and written pieces that have sparked debate and garnered attention. Particularly when discussing American politics and figures like Donald Trump, she hasn’t shied away from expressing viewpoints that may not align with popular sentiment. These instances serve as reminders of the complexities inherent in navigating the political landscape, where differing perspectives and voices contribute to the ongoing dialogue.

Elise Jordan Net Worth & Salary

After completing her education, Elise embarked on a distinguished career in journalism, marking notable achievements along the way. Serving as an executive for communications in the National Security Council stands out as a pinnacle accomplishment. Additionally, her role as a speech specialist for Condoleezza Rice further solidified her expertise. Throughout her illustrious career, Elise has worn many hats, from contributor to Republican strategist to national audit journalist. Presently, she co-hosts the TV show Words Matter Inc, serves as a political analyst at MSNBC News, and contributes to Time Magazine. In the realm of political analysis, where salaries average around $84,232 per year, Elise’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is $1.2 million, a testament to her success and influence in the field.

Elise Jordan Social Media

Elise Jordan maintains an active presence on social media platforms, notably Instagram, where she engages with her audience under the handle @celisejordan. With a following of over 3.6k, her profile serves as a hub for sharing insights, updates, and glimpses into her life beyond the screen. Through her digital presence, Elise continues to connect with her followers and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding politics and current affairs.

Interesting Facts

  • Political Versatility: Elise Jordan has traversed political landscapes, from serving as a speechwriter for Condoleezza Rice to becoming a political analyst for MSNBC, showcasing her ability to navigate diverse political spheres.
  • Career Adaptation: Jordan’s professional journey reflects adaptability, transitioning from roles in the Bush administration to appearances on Fox News, before ultimately finding her niche at MSNBC, illustrating the evolving dynamics of American media and politics.
  • Personal Resilience: Despite facing personal tragedy following the death of her first husband, journalist Michael Hastings, Elise Jordan has demonstrated resilience by moving forward and finding happiness with her current husband, Mike Hogan.
  • Media Versatility: Jordan’s contributions to various media outlets such as MSNBC, Time magazine, and The Daily Beast highlight her versatility and expertise across television, print journalism, and online platforms.
  • Educational Foundation: With a journalism degree from Yale University, Elise Jordan’s educational background has provided a solid foundation for her successful career in media and political analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Elise Jordan

Q: What is Elise Jordan’s current role?

A: Elise Jordan currently holds positions as a political analyst for MSNBC, a contributor for Time magazine, and the co-host of the TV show, Words Matter Inc.

Q: Who was Elise Jordan’s first husband?

A: Elise Jordan’s first husband was journalist Michael Hastings, who tragically passed away two years into their marriage.

Q: Who is Elise Jordan’s current husband?

A: Elise Jordan’s current husband is Mike Hogan, a producer and senior editor at Vanity Fair magazine.

Q: What is Elise Jordan’s net worth?

A: As of 2023, Elise Jordan’s estimated net worth is $1.2 million, earned through her career as a journalist, political analyst, and contributor across various media platforms.

Q: Where can I find Elise Jordan on social media?

A: You can find Elise Jordan on Instagram with the handle @celisejordan, where she has over 3.6k followers.


Elise Jordan’s trajectory from a spirited child to a revered political analyst mirrors her resilience, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to journalism and political discourse. Her journey, marked by diverse experiences and impactful contributions across multiple media platforms, solidifies her position as a leading voice in American media. Through insightful analysis and commentary, she remains at the forefront of shaping discussions on current events and political landscapes. Despite facing personal challenges, Elise’s tenacity and commitment to excellence shine through, serving as an inspiration for both her professional endeavors and personal life. Her story embodies the essence of perseverance and unwavering pursuit of professional and personal fulfillment.

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